Every order placed (before 6 PM) will be considered as the next day delivery. Advance order will be required to state the date specifically. We strongly encourage the order is made before our daily cut-off time (6 PM), as we would like to collect and pack the products starting from 6 PM on wards. Late orders are not guaranteed with all products provided.

All customers’ items are delivered using Cool Truck (with air-conditioner), thus products will be always kept fresh and cool.

Arrival time for the products will be depending on the route trip planned by the driver. If there’s precised time of product usage (for event purposes) or any urgent use of the product, please do inform us as soon as possible. (Please call us right away!)

Products are packed into plastic bags according to the required quantity, and then categorised into baskets by areas. Borrowing of basket for temporary use are not applicable, thence we require our customers to prepare individual containers or a space (place) to keep the products.

All customers are encouraged to check the delivery products at once when the delivery arrive, as this is to reduce and avoid the misunderstanding between us, and simplify all the complex matters. Return of the products is applicable within the 2 days after the delivery date, with the supervision of the management team.

Every purchase order placed under this website will be considered as “payment before delivery”. However, if any customer who is interested in getting a customised account for further transaction relationship and getting longer credit of term, are genuinely welcomed to join us.

Any inquiries or feedback regarding about the delivery, please do not hesitate in contacting us +60 3-6138 1311 or email to