We receive and collect our products in the evening, we will keep the products into a huge Cool Room immediately and pack the products overnight with the aid of our packing team.

Then, we will have a quick double check with the products (to prevent missing items) before loading onto the trucks. In the morning, we send the goods to you by using a Cool Truck (with the air-conditioner turned on).

The driver will then depart at the time around 6 AM (for the furthest area from our warehouse) to 8:30 AM (for the nearest from our warehouse). Time to arrive to customers’ outlets will depends on the route trip planned by the driver.

After sending all the products, the drivers will be back to our warehouse and check the return of th invoices (along with the rejected products and customers’ feedback) with our Manager On Duty of the week (MOD). MOD will be the one to amend all the invoices and ensure all the records of the basket.

We would have second trip, if there will be a late or last minute urgent order. It will be arrived to the destination around evening. Second trip will be conducted by our MOD. And the daily routines continue with the order received again.

Any inquiries or feedback regarding about the Standard Operation Procedure or Delivery Process, please do not hesitate in contacting us by calling to +60 3-6138 1311 or email to