Fruits and vegetables are perishable items, we will try our best to give the best quality of goods or within your expectations, that we can get. We wouldn’t expect that there will be no spoilage or mistakes within such large quantities of goods supplying.

For sure, there will be spoilage when it is under the beautiful cover of the fruits and vegetables. If you found out this kind of situation happens, you can request for replacement or rejection of the goods back to us, in the condition of the request is made within 2 days after the delivery date.

Therefore, to solve the solution, we encourage our customer to check the items at once when the items arrive. This would reduce the misunderstanding between us, and simplify all the complex matters.

Any inquiries or feedback regarding to the spoilage of the products, please do not hesitate in contacting us:
+60 3-6138 1311 or email to: klfruitssb@gmail.com